Join hundreds of corporations, nonprofits, local governments, and school districts who utilize the Wisconsin Policy Forum as a valuable and reliable source of independent, nonpartisan government research, information, and facilitative civil dialogue in Wisconsin. Membership benefits include:

  • Email notification when new research is released
  • Invitations to members-only presentations and discussions
  • Discounted rates for events like Viewpoint Luncheons
  • Invitations to our popular virtual event series, Forum Friday
  • Opportunities to have researchers meet with your staff to discuss policy issues in an informal setting

The Forum's dues structure is based on the size and type of organization with which you are associated. All employees of organizational members are eligible for Forum benefits. Not affiliated with an organization or company? Sign up as an individual member.

The Wisconsin Policy Forum is a 501(c)(3) organization. 


*Suggested definition for purposes of company employee count: exempt professional employees.
**Memberships at elevated levels receive additional recognition and benefits. Please contact Katie Hofman, Fund Development & Membership Director at or (414) 276-8240 x. 3 for more information.

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